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Presenting a message from martyred pastor, Fred Winters...

When Joan and I were on our one vacation in Mexico, television news reported a Pastor in Illinois who was fatally shot in his pulpit on a Sunday morning! I was beyond shock to hear him identified and to see the picture of my friend, Pastor Fred Winters, of Maryville, IL, a ST. Louis, Mo suburb.

Joan and I had visited his church several times. Our daughter Karis and her husband and children had been there the previous Sunday, having had a few special minutes with him.

Just weeks before his martyrdom, Pastor Fred had made a five-minute video titled “Why Do We Exist?” In relaxed conversation he shared impacting words while sitting on a couch in his office, the picture of his bride Cindy on the table beside him.

Be impacted ... as was I and so many others ... with five minutes of warm and helpful conversation with Christian martyr, Pastor Fred Winters.

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